Media Exposure

  • 02/21/2014 “The Lives of Blind Brothers Changed When Dad Came Knocking,” StoryCorps segment, National Public Radio (listenership: 14,000,000) (Describing how I started mentoring and am now adopting three blind triplet boys)
  • 08/28/2013 “Nation Marks 50 Years Since March on Washington,” Associated Press (with various versions reprinted in hundreds of newspapers nationwide) (Describing my view that the disability rights movement is an extension of the broader civil rights movement)
  • 06/15/2013 “The Love Song of Ollie Cantos,” National Public Radio Online (A profile piece syndicated on more than 400 NPR websites nationwide and in Europe, reaching more than an estimated 10,000,000 readers)
  • 04/12/2012 “Video Games are More Than Just a Feast for the Eyes,” Megan Gambino, Smithsonian Online Magazine (Describing how blind individuals can and do play video games too)
  • 04/2010 “Lawyer Shares Insight into Being Blind” The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, State College, PA, April 13, 2010 (Describing the path to success and the importance of leadership)
  • 10/2009 “Disability Groups Gather to ‘Rekindle Activism,’” The Oregonian, October 13, 2009 (Discussing the “Connecting Communities” coalition-building inaugural event in Portland, OR)
    Audio recording of Keynote Address, “Building Coalition in the Midst of Oregon’s Economic Crisis.”
  • 09/2009 Video Appearance In: “Self-Determination Is …” (an educational piece put together by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities)
  • 05/2009 Video Appearance In: “Making the Sensational Happen: One Touch, One One Sound, One Experience at a Time” (Fundraising video in support of the Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles, CA)
  • 04/2008 “Heroic Role Model: Ollie Cantos,” Diversity Inc. Magazine, April 8, 2008 (Profile piece)
  • 10/2007 Asian Journal (two-part human interest feature story, highlighting personal and professional achievements)
  • 04/2007 K-ELO Television (Sioux Falls, SD) (news segment highlighting the importance of hiring qualified individuals with disabilities)
  • 02/2007 Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA (feature story on personal accomplishments and support for people with disabilities being involved in sports)
  • 09/2005 Careers and the Disabled, Fall Issue (discussing key personal strategies for building large, powerful, and effective networks of support)
  • 06/2005 e-Sight Careers Network (detailing strategies to enhance one’s ability to become gainfully employed quickly through innovative approaches to add value to others while paving the way for personal success, an audio recording of the interview is available)
  • 05/2005 Small Business Fortune Magazine (discussing the ways in which DOJ’s ADA Business Connection is a way to promote voluntary compliance with the law while enhancing customer service and employment opportunities for people with disabilities)
  • 04/2005 Health and Disability News, American Association on Health and Disability (for leading efforts of 24 federal agencies to centralize governmental and nongovernmental resources on emergency preparedness and people with disabilities)
  • 01/2005 “Conversation with Ollie Cantos,” Disability Rights Online News, December 2004-January 2005, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice (Profiling background, purpose, and scope of work)
  • 01/2005 2005 Calendar, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters, Los Angeles, CA (picture on September page)
  • 12/2004 Vistas (alumni magazine of Loyola Marymount University) (one-page profile)
  • 11/2004 Access Press, Minneapolis, MN (front page newspaper article detailing key personal strategies for building large networks)
  • 10/2004 “Employment of People with Disabilities” (a DVD by Medtronic Corporation, highlighting the importance of employing qualified individuals with disabilities and featuring executives from major Fortune 500 companies)
  • 10/2004 “Family Matters with Joyce Bender,” (radio show, discussing the work of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department)
  • 10/2004 Asian Fortune (nationally-circulated article featuring personal accomplishments)
  • 10/2004 The Filipino Reporter (nationally-circulated article featuring personal accomplishments)
  • 07/2004 The Catalyst, Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois (highlighting keynote address to its 20th Anniversary of the founding of the organization)
  • 04/2004 Federal Computer Week (emphasizing the importance of e-government services in being accessible to people with disabilities)
  • 04/2004 Hutchinson News (Hutchinson, KS) (summarizing remarks given to an audience of business owners surrounding the importance of providing meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities)
  • 02/2004 Meeting Update (trade publication within the travel industry), Winter 2004 Edition (detailing the importance for meeting planners to make their events accessible to people with all types of disabilities)
  • 01/2004 Chicago Tribune (discussing the importance of mentoring people with disabilities within an employment context)
  • 11/2003 Public Education Video on Access to Quality Healthcare by People with Disabilities, Kaiser Family Foundation (video used nationally, addressing the absence of quality healthcare for many people with disabilities)
  • 11/2003 Personal greetings through a translated letter to a national audience via a satellite broadcast from Prishtina to the People of Kosovo
  • 10/2003 Uinta County Herold (Evanston, WY) (highlighting a speaking engagement during which I emphasized the importance of role modeling, mentoring, establishing a solid career direction, and helping youth to identify allies to achieve goals)
  • 10/2003 CN8 Television (live interview broadcast of Comcast Communications spanning Eastern Seaboard) (debating whether or not Terri Schiavo should continue to receive medical treatment that will keep her alive in keeping with her wishes)
  • 10/2003 “Family Matters” with Joyce Bender, (radio show, discussing Disability Mentoring Day, its origins, its current state, and its bright future)
  • 10/2003 Able Newspaper (New York, NY) (discussing career mentoring of people with disabilities)
  • 10/2003 W-AMU Radio (Washington, DC) (30-minute talk show focusing on assistive technology for people with disabilities)
  • 04/2003 Customer Service Newsletter (Circulation 100,000+), Customer Service Group (A Division of Alexander Communications Group, Inc.) (detailing the ways customer service professionals may better meet the needs of members of the disability community)
  • 10/2002 (article featuring personal accomplishments)
  • 09/2002 Diversity and the Bar (“Movers and Shakers” section) (announcing the news of joining AAPD as its first General Counsel and Director of Programs; second article features extensive quotes about the importance of recruiting qualified attorneys with disabilities)
  • 07/2002 Public Education Video on Successful People with Disabilities, Info Use (video and accompanying interactive CD-ROM being used nationally)
  • 06/2002 Fox Channel 43 (Harrisburg, PA) (Interview, commenting on how people with disabilities, including those with developmental disabilities, have the right to speak for themselves to determine the course of their own lives)
  • 05/2002 C-KLW Radio (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (extended segment, supporting the ruling of the U.S. Department of Transportation to expand the definition of “service animal” in air travel)
  • 02/2002 K-NBC Channel 4 (Los Angeles, CA) (special interest story, featuring time with then 11-year-old Little Brother, Seth, as part of highlighting February as National Mentoring Month)
  • 04/2002 Adelphia Cable News (in-studio interview in Los Angeles) (panel discussion focusing on how people with physical and developmental disabilities must exercise personal responsibility in shaping their own futures while asserting their rights to be protected against discrimination)
  • 02/2002 Los Angeles Times (one-page feature article on personal accomplishments)
  • 11/2001 Los Angeles Daily Journal (legal newspaper) (featuring how the Western Law Center for Disability Rights celebrates its achievements in bringing together leaders of the disability community serving people with all types of disabilities)
  • 10/2001 K-NX Radio (Los Angeles) (highlighting the important work of the Southern California Disability Rights Leadership Conference as a galvanizing tool to pool together talent and energy)
  • 09/2001 Loyola Lawyer (Loyola Law School alumni magazine) (two-page feature article on personal accomplishments and work within the disability rights field)
  • 04/2001 K-TLA Channel 5 (Los Angeles) (interacting with preschool-age children during a beeping Easter Egg Hunt)
  • 03/2001 San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune (West Covina, CA) (feature article on personal accomplishments)
  • 05/1992 Los Angeles Herald (Filipino newspaper) (feature article on personal accomplishments)
  • 02/1992 W-DSU Channel 6 (New Orleans) (an action piece, showing blind students from the Louisiana Center for the Blind traveling independently and making the most out of their Mardi Gras experience; featured personal interview)
  • 07/1991 Standing on One Foot (Book) (a story, illustrating how I came to terms with my blindness by learning how to embody and promote positive attitudes of equality and self-respect)