2012 “Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children.” National Council on Disability. Content contributor via Through The Looking Glass, the organization commissioned by the Council to write the report.


01/07/2010 “Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Victimization,” Journal of Psychiatry and Law, Volume 39, Number 1. Co-author with Karen Thiel, Dr. Nora Baladerian, et. al. (Intended for families, educators, social services, law enforcement, and the judicial system.)

02/2008 “Answering the Civilian Call of Duty to Uphold the Employment and Reemployment Rights of Uniformed Service Members: A Discussion of Federal Employer Obligations,” Independent Living Resource Utilization Project (laying out the responsibilities of federal employers toward present and past military personnel who work as civil servants)


12/2007 “A Systemic Approach to Arming Students and Job-Seekers with Disabilities and their Advocates in Securing Meaningful Employment,” West Suburban Access News Association, Chicago, IL (centralizing 80 national employment-related resources relating to disability rights history and philosophy, internship opportunities, career-oriented mentoring, employment listings in the public and private sectors, and networking)


09/2006 “Supporting Crime Victims with Disabilities: We Can Do Better,” Networks, National Center for Victims of Crime, Summer-Fall 2006 (educating victim/witness programs about how best to serve crime victims with all types of disabilities)

See: (PEF) or (PDF)

07/2006 “Seven Proven Steps to Effective Network Building,” Braille Monitor


08/2004 “Barriers Unseen,” American Association of People with Disabilities (detailing the philosophy of the disability rights movement through personal experiences)

06/2003 “What’s This World Coming To,” Braille Monitor

10/2002 A Toolkit for Students and Job Seekers with Disabilities (Manual on identifying, solidifying, and advancing career goals)

02/2002 Resource Guide for Crime Victims with Disabilities and their Families in California

10/2001 Comprehensive Report on the Delivery of Legal Services to Californians with Disabilities

2001-2002 Online Update (newly-created publication whose subscription began with less than 100 and within one year expanded to more than 7,500 disability rights leaders and advocates nationwide)

1993-1996 The Student Slate (Edited this periodical, which focused on student activism in controlling their own destiny and serving as leaders in their communities)

10/1995 The Louisiana Center for the Blind: A Personal Perspective (Comprehensive book of personal success stories illustrating the value of receiving high-quality training in the alternative techniques of blindness)

11/1993 “Centering on Success,” Braille Monitor


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