Speaking Engagements

To request Ollie to come speak at your next event go to the contact page. You can connect with his Facebook fanpage below. https://www.facebook.com/OllieDCantosPINTHIS

To request Ollie to come speak at your next event go to the contact page. You can connect with his Facebook fanpage below.


Having directly addressed more than 53,000 people over a lifetime thus far
(40,000 within a work context and 10,000 at a personal level), audiences have included government agencies at all levels, non-profit organizations, educational
institutions from elementary to post-graduate, and members of the private sector.Examples follow. (Where no states are specified either in the organizations name or in parentheses, the audience is either national or international in scope.)

Government Agencies:

Cabinet Agencies:

  • Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services (including the Food and Drug Administration and Indian Health Service), Homeland Security (including the Immigration and Citizenship Service), Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice (including FBI), Labor, State, Transportation, and Treasury (including Financial Management Services, the IRS, and the U.S. Mint) as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (including the Security Management Division).
  • Other Federal Agencies: Committee For Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, Federal Communications Commission, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Dreiden Center and National Headquarters), National Council on Disability, National Import/Export Bank, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, and the Social Security Administration.
  • Legislative Branch: Congressional Black Caucus and the Library of Congress.
  • Military: Eglin Air Force Base (Flordia), Air Force Flight Testing Center (California), Naval Installation Command (Washington, DC) and Walter Reed Army Medical Center (Maryland)
  • State Agencies: California Department of Rehabilitation, California Governors’s Task Force on Dental Care for People with Developmental Disabilities, Georgia Department of Labor, New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities, New Mexico Commission for the Blind, Pennsylvania Department of Rehabilitation, and statewide independent living councils in Massachusetts and Florida.
  • Local Jurisdictions: City of Anchorage (Alaska), City of Los Angeles (California), and City of Long Beach (California).

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Within the Disability Community: Able Trust (Florida), Alabama Partners in Policymaking, Albany Advocasy Resource Center (Georgia), Anchorage Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities (Alaska), American Council of the Blind, American Bar Association, Arc of Oregon, Blind Babies Foundation (California), Blind and Visually Impaired Golfers Association (California), Braille Institute (California), Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities, Child Abuse and Neglect Disability Outreach Project, Cleveland Sight-Saving Center (Ohio), Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities of Illinois, Consortia for Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation, Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled (California), Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in Government, Disability Business and Technical Assistance Center (Washington State), Disability Rights Legal Center (California), EXCEL (Virginia), Families Together (Kansas), Families USA, Florida youth Leadership Forum, Frontier Community Center (Alaska), Georgia Youth Leadership Forum, Fresno Center for Independent Living (California), Federal Disability Workforce Consortium, Fiesta Educativa (California), Georgia Rehabilitation Association, Hearing Loss Association of America, International Conference of Diverse Abilities and Innovative Supports, Kansas Partners in Policymaking, Kentucky Metro Disabilities Coalition, Minnesota Youth Leadership Forum, Michigan Youth Leadership Forum, Minnesota Business Leadership Network, Miracle League of Visalia (California), Mississippi Council of the Blind, Missouri Transportation Institute, Missouri Youth Leadership Forum, National Association of Law Students with Disabilities, National Center for Victims of Crime, National Council on Indepenedent Living, National Conference on Community Inclusion, National Family Caregiver Association, National Federation of the Blind, National Industries for the Blind, National Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals, National Organization of Disability, National Youth Leadership Network, New Mexico Commission for the Blind, New Jersey Partners in Policymaking, New York Business Leadership Network, New York Federal Executive Board, NISH (formerly National Industries for the Severely Handicapped), North American coalition for Parents with Intellectual and Cognitive Challenges, Ohio Provider Resource Association, Parent Advocacy Center for Educational Rights, Partnership for Assistive Technology (North Carolina), Pittsburgh Center for Independent Living ( Pennsylvania), Pituitary Network Association, Portland Citizens Disability Advisory Commission (Oregon), Rolling Start (California), Sioux Falls Business Leadership Network (South Dakota), South Dakota Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, Speaking For Ourselves (Pennsylvania), Tennessee Partners in Policymaking, U.S. Association for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, U.S. Business Leadership Network, Virginia Youth Leadership Forum, Western New York Center for Independent Living, Wyoming association for Community Employment, and Wyoming Business Leadership Network.

Outside the Disability Community:

  • Boy Scouts of America (National Capitol Area Council), Catholic Big Brothers/Big Sisters (California), Federal Asian/Pacific American Council, Filipino-American Multi-Ethnic Society (Hawaii), Filipino Migrant Heritage Commission (Virginia), Filipino Multi-Ethnic Society (Hawaii), Lions Club International, Human Rights Campaign (Washington, DC), National Adult Protective Services Association, National Hispanic Professional Organization, Nevada Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, New York Federal Executive Board, One-Stop Training Academy (Alaska), Filipino-American Foundation for Charities, State Bar of California, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and service organizations (Lions, Rotary, etc.)


  • Secondary Educational Institutions:
  • California School for the Blind and Perkins School for the Blind

Post-Secondary Educational Institutions:

  • American University, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Loyola Marymount University, Minnesota Life College, Oregon Health Sciences University, Penn State University, Southern University at Baton Rouge, Texas Tech University, University of California at Fresno, University of Nevada at Reno, University of Portland (Oregon), ¬†University of Southern California at Los Angeles.

For-Profit Organizations:


  • Trade Association: National Retail Federation.
  • Small Business: Bender Consulting Services, Inc. (Pennsylvania), Hire Disability Solutions (New York)
  • Medium-Sized Businesses: Advances in Management Inc. (Colorado), Inland Empire Health Plan (California), LeadAmerica, and Star Tribune (Minnesota).
  • Large Corporations: AstraZeneca (Delaware- National Headquarters), Empower Network (International), Kaiser Permanente (Northwest Region), and Medtronic Corporation (Minnesota- National Headquarters).