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As a former Justice Department and White House official, I look forward to our tackling homelessness, revitalizing public spaces, driving grassroots community involvement, increasing support for law enforcement to promote public safety, and attracting new investment to strengthen our local economy.

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Whether we have lived here for just a short time or have been here our entire lives, we have each seen fit to call West Covina home. Since our home is what we make of it, just imagine what will happen as we join forces to make our fair City not just a good place to live but a GREAT place to live.

To bring this to greater fruition, community involvement is key.

A city that is a safe place

Safety is everyone's responsibility. As we each do our part to foster a vibrant, close-knit, and safe environment, we will be best positioned to thrive, grow, and feel fulfilled.

Revitalization of the city's Commission

West Covina is comprised of more than 115,000 residents. Yet, but a tiny segment of these is involved in actively exercising their voices to enumerate concerns, propose concrete solutions, follow up on adoption of recommendations, and see these through to ultimate implementation.

Improvement of our city infrastructure

Today, the institutional memory of long-time City civil servants has evaporated as senior leaders left for greener pastures. But, we as a City must attract and retain top talent so that the effectiveness of government service delivery may be optimized. This impacts every facet of City operations and, when efforts commence and continue to staff our offices with the most capable and dedicated personnel we can find, City Hall will be seen as an ally of its residents.